October 5, 2009

A modification of The List and The Plan

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I’ve been wrestling with this post for a while – I know it is the right thing to do, but I just don’t want to admit that I’m encouraging my perfectionism by this list.  I KNOW it’s the truth, but part of the disease of perfectionism is that I don’t want to admit that well, I’m not perfect (durr).

So I’m making two changes on this list (which I still think is a GREAT list, and would like to actually do everything on it, FYI):

  1. I will consider this project a success if I complete a majority of the tasks on the list (51, for those of you who hate math)
  2. Instead of paying $5 for every incomplete task, I will donate at least $50/mo to http://www.donorschoose.org/ and make a quick post about what my contribution helped

I’m sure that these modifications will still make my life interesting and get some really awesome things accomplished, and yet not aggrivate my sens of failure if I’m not perfect and don’t complete everything.


September 6, 2009

Week One Progress

Posted in 101 in 1001, progress at 6:22 pm by Heather

It’s been an interesting week here at Heather’s 101 land – I’ve made a lot of progress on some things, and have more in the works.

Here’s what I’ve knocked off the list this week:
– Went to Spring Restaurant
– Ordered the spanish Rosetta stone and have completed one course
– Installed Skype
– Called Claire
– Watched Sunshine Cleaning
– Took a Pilates class (exercise class I’ve never taken before)
– Went to the Art Institute
– Spent 15 min for the last 5 days decluttering my house

Individual blog posts will follow on each of these.

I am going to have to modify the Walk Across America item – I wasn’t really doing the math when I thought about this; to actually complete this goal, I have to walk over 5 miles a day.  Hoowee!   So instead, I will take one of the options listed, and every 1000 steps counts as 1 mile.  This makes this a much more realistic goal and still gets me walking more.

I also need to sit down and make a weekly checklist of things I need to get completed to make some of my daily/weekly/monthly goals.  I might do this in excel – not quite sure on that yet, but it’s hard to keep this “in plain sight” and focused on it.