November 18, 2009

[30 DAY HABITS] 075. Blog daily

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If I didn’t have the challenge of posting 30 days this month, I’d definitely pass today.

I’d like to say that I did a lot, but I forgot to set my alarm, and woke up at 7:50 am when I had an 8 am meeting.  The only saving grace is I work from home so the commute was short enough to make it.

I manage to grab a luna bar and dammit if my teeth don’t HURT again.

Then 10 minutes before my next meeting my lip starts annoying me, like a wire is stuck out on the braces.  I go to the mirror, and no wire, but the bracket has done a 180 so the adhesive is on the outside.  A couple MacGuyver tricks later, I had the bracket oriented the right way and made the call to the orthodontist and got an appointment for 11:45 am.

… of course it is raining, and there is construction and they close the inbound express lanes at 11:15 am so traffic SUCKS.  Let me tell you – there is NO NEED to close it that early, the outbound traffic is always light until about 2 pm. UGH.

So I’m already late, I get to the parking garage at 11:45 when I’m supposed to be in the chair, and … there’s NO PARKING.  I don’t find this out until I get to the top where the (luckily free) valet is, but they’re behind and no one seems to be around.   I get my big girl pants on and find someone and give them my keys and run in.

And the bracket comes off – it was on a crown and while they did the magic “rough up the crown treatment” for my front two teeth, for some reason they didn’t do it on this one.  So they took the bracket off.  Turns out I DON’T NEED IT ON THIS TOOTH YET.


At least cosmos are $5 at the bar tonight…


November 17, 2009

[For Me] 029. Get braces

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I’m back from the orthodontist, which I was dreading as you might have noticed that my first trip didn’t go so well.  I’m pleased to report that I’ve got my top set of braces on, and my teeth are not nearly as painful as they were the first time.

It’s interesting as on the top set, I don’t even have brackets on all my teeth.  My one tooth which is tucked back is going bracket-less for now, and a wire just goes from my front tooth to my incisor (basically the tooth between “hook” and “archwire” above is bracketless.  My own personal cheese slicer! No palette expander yet, either.

This will DEFINITELY make Thanksgiving next week a lot more tolerable, and I’m back next month for some adjustments.

November 2, 2009

[For Me] 029. Get braces

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This story starts when I was seven years old and my sister and I were goofing off after swim lessons at the YMCA by playing kickball in the showers with the shampoo bottle.  In retrospect, not the smartest idea, but who thinks about that at seven?  As most of us would predict this ended up in an accident – which involved a spectacular fall teeth-first into the tile floor and having a tee-pee shaped void in my front two teeth.  And thus began one of the longest relationships of my life … with my dentist.

At seven, you have your permanent teeth in, but they’re surprisingly not actually full size yet – your teeth continue to grow until about age 16 or so.  So the dentist put on some semi permanent bonding substance onto what remained of my teeth to make them look normal, and then when I was 16, he went ahead and capped them.  One thing I never knew is that caps are meant to last quite a while but they’re not absolutely permanent.  These caps are 20 years old and they’re due for replacement, especially since the technology has changed so much in that time, and added to that is my front teeth caps are larger than they really should be.  So, before I get them recapped, I need to get braces to straighten everything out so the new caps are sized correctly.

I decided to get the clear braces, as I am a little vain and don’t want everyone to know I have braces and have to stare at a metal mouth in the mirror all the time, and everyone I’ve mentioned it to says “Oh, I didn’t even notice”, so I guess that’s a good thing.   I’ve only got the lower braces on for now, but the top braces go on November 17th, as well as a palette spacer of some sort (see picture on right).

I’ll need these for about 12 – 15 months, but after about two and a half weeks of having them on, I can tell you I pretty much hate them, clear or not.  The pain is less than it was the first day, but it’s very annoying to get stuff stuck in your teeth EVERY time you eat, and I’m now carrying around a toothbrush and toothpaste in my purse for when I eat out.  It’s ridiculous, but hopefully it’ll be worth it.

And I really had no idea how fragile these things are; I’ve already popped one of the brackets, but thankfully it’s staying in because it’s wired into the rest of my mouth, so it can wait until I go back in this month for my appointment.

But I’ve taken some before and after pictures which I’ll post at some point later.