November 13, 2009

[Challenges] 094. Rate all music in iTunes

Posted in challenges at 3:23 pm by Heather

I put this on my list as I really did want to be able to a) not listen to the stuff in my music library I dislike and b) listen more to the music in my library I do like.  Currently I have almost 5300 songs in the iTunes library, which obviously keeps growing as I buy more music.

I’m plugging along on this, despite a couple setbacks:

  • Over HALF of my songs got corrupted somehow in the library and their file locations lost.
  • Some random song files were truncated mid song, and the only way to find out is to listen to the song and go “hey whaaaa?

The solution to the first is pretty easy: make good friends with the  iTunes Library Updater
and let that run overnight. make sure to clean up orphans and add new songs, and tada.  It’s also a pretty cool tool to automatically add songs you download into iTunes for you if you set it up to run every so often.

The second solution has no easy answer – the files themselves are corrupt, so they need to be individually deleted from iTunes (including the files) and replacement files, ahem, found.

The best method I’ve found for rating files is to create a smart playlist for your unrated files (make sure to specify the music type to get music only, and turn live updating off), sort by album, and go to town. I mostly do this while I’m working, but I find I get into the groove on a project and have to occasionally go back 3 songs to rate them.

My rating system:
***** – Adored it and think all my friends should watch/read/listen to this
****   – Loved it – would see again
***     – Liked it
**       – It was ok
*         – Hated it and never want to hear it again