June 4, 2010

[Travel / Adventures] 073. Visit the Frank Lloyd Wright museum

Posted in Travel & Adventures at 11:24 am by Heather

I’d won tickets in the eKiwanis raffle last year to visit the Frank Lloyd Wright house, and they were only good for a year, expiring at the end of May.  My good friend Julie had said that she’d love to go with me if I’d wanted and so we were off to visit.  Our first day didn’t work out so well as it was pouring rain, so we made plans for a rain date.  Luckily, the day was lovely and beautiful, and we met up in Oak park and got into an afternoon tour.

The house is amazing – I highly recommend anyone who lives or visits Chicago to visit at least once.  Unfortunately, they don’t allow photos in the house, but it was really lovely.  I was taken with the fireplace, which used mirrors and cutout windows to trick the eye, and yet make it a welcoming little nook, that seemed roomy.

It’s not really a large house, and it’s hard to imagine 6 children living in the bedroom, but they probably didn’t spend much time there, as Catherine had a day room, and the children had a rather large playroom of their own, complete with church-choir-like balcony, which must have been grand fun to grow up in.

After the house tour, Julie and I walked around Oak Park, taking a little walking tour of some of the nearby houses; unfortunately, since we didn’t know about the FLW walking tour the next weekend, we couldn’t see inside the homes, but they really are very cool architecturally, and the company was fun, too.


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