November 20, 2009

[Travel / Adventures] 071. Visit Houston (part 2)

Posted in Travel & Adventures at 11:54 am by Heather

BIG sharks overhead!

Part 1 is here.

The Downtown Aquarium is pretty nifty, but it’s definitely not a Shedd Aquarium.  It’s a cross between a KiddieLand and an aquarium plus a tiny zoo plus a restaurant.  Seriously.  Oh, and plus SHARKS!

When I mentioned the Shark Voyage to April, her reaction was “How is this here and NO ONE HERE told me about this??”  Well, that’s what friends are for, eh?

The first stop was the Diving Bell Ferris Wheel, which did give us some nice views of the city at sunset.  My camera battery was STILL dead, so I was forced to use my poor cell phone camera for these photos.  We headed back in for dinner, and saw the shark-carousel, which April decided to pass on riding, deciding to go inside.  The restaurant was lovely, and they had a ginormous aquarium with all sorts of creatures, including sharks and huge fish, and my favorite, the happy-go-lucky turtle.  No pictures, since my camera doesn’t have flash, sadly. 

Dinner was amazing, and I learned that sometimes, if you just ask for something, you’ll get it.  Case in point, I wished for dessert, but a key lime pie deal instead of the brownie that came with shark cookies.  I asked the waiter if by chance we could get the key lime garnished with the shark cookie in honor of the birthday girl.  Yep, my wish is his command.  He then walked by with some balloons, including a lovely shark balloon – and yes, we asked for it and got it.  Needless to say, he got a very nice tip.

And then, after a bottle of wine split between the two of us, we moseyed down to the main event: the Shark Voyage.  Surprisingly, this was the only ride that actually had a line, but we got there just as the train pulled up.  Nice timing.  I gauged the line and said “enh, we’ll get in, and why walk all the way down to the front just to walk back here where we’d get on anyway”, so unhooked the rope and we got on in the back.   Turns out, not everyone got on the ride.  Oops.  I blame the wine.

The ride was about 5 minutes long, and we stopped for 3 minutes or so (again, based on my perception so give or take 5 minutes here), in a shark tank that had an inverse U cut out for the train to go through, so we could see sharks above (see picture) and to either side.  The rest of the ride was more kiddy-land jaws stuff, but it was a fun time.

Since we were there, we popped into the actual aquarium exhibit, which had a distinctly low percentage of fish to other creatures.  I did find out that the schooling fish were very afraid of the shark balloon, which gave me minutes of entertainment.  And then, as we were exiting … TIGERS!

Last I checked, tigers have nothing to do with aquariums, but hey, there you are.  They reminded us of Vegas (not this one though), which we’ll be visiting in less than a month and they were very beautiful.

At that point, we called it a night, and headed back to the suburbs to get some actual sleep before Birthday Saturday.

Continued in Part 3.



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