November 17, 2009

[For Me] 029. Get braces

Posted in For Me at 10:49 pm by Heather

I’m back from the orthodontist, which I was dreading as you might have noticed that my first trip didn’t go so well.  I’m pleased to report that I’ve got my top set of braces on, and my teeth are not nearly as painful as they were the first time.

It’s interesting as on the top set, I don’t even have brackets on all my teeth.  My one tooth which is tucked back is going bracket-less for now, and a wire just goes from my front tooth to my incisor (basically the tooth between “hook” and “archwire” above is bracketless.  My own personal cheese slicer! No palette expander yet, either.

This will DEFINITELY make Thanksgiving next week a lot more tolerable, and I’m back next month for some adjustments.


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