November 16, 2009

[Travel / Adventures] 071. Visit Houston (part 1)

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Houston Skyline

Late night chats often turn into crazy hijinks, which is how my semi-impromptu trip for Houston during April‘s Birthday Month had its origins.

My flight got in very late, thanks to the storms flying over Chicago and delays from Houston.  April had to pick me up at about midnight, and after some crazy navigating of IAH, we made it out and back to casa April.

April, being the dedicated employee she is, was up 5 hours or so after we got home at 1 am to head into work for a half day.  I decided to accompany her to see what the Schipul was all about, and of course, we passed a Whataburger, and Gus Taunting promptly ensued.  I think Tony sums up Schipul when he wrote: “My understanding is that it’s apparently got something to do with the zoo, and somebody named Brandius works there. Also, there are sharks. Please be careful.”

April was only going to work a half day, and it was then off to James Coney Island (where Joel Taunting ensued) with JMO.   A nap then prudently followed, before we were off to attempt to a) find and b) partake of dinner at the Downtown Aquarium, recommended by the lovely Liz B.

Once we woke up and got dressed, we headed downtown and enjoyed some typical Houston traffic.  I also found out that google text searches really suck and couldn’t tell us the hours for the restaurant.  Plus, the battery on my camera died, and thus I was forced to take pictures of the beautiful Houston skyline with my wee Motorola Q.  We also managed to get turned around by the Juice Box, and took the scenic industrial route to dinner.

We did finally make it there, and decided to purchase our All-Access Pass and were set to enjoy the Aquarium Awesomeness.

Continued in Part 2.


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