November 12, 2009

[Travel / Adventures] 067. See the Penn & Teller show in Vegas

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:34 pm by Heather

I made my first foray into getting Penn & Teller tickets for my visit to Vegas in December with the WPBT. The tickets are just shy of $100 each so I’d like to use my degenerate gambler skills and get the tickets comped, since I’m staying at a Harrah’s property and I have a shiny Diamond card.

One minor problem with this is that I don’t have a Vegas host, and I’d been putting off calling down there to get one. Finally, after a month of procrastination, I called the Paris hotel and talked to someone.

Of course, it turns out I can’t get a host until I am actually physically present there, and ask for a casino host in person. Frustrating. However, the service agent did say I probably wouldn’t have an issue to get a host and get tickets comped on Thursday when I get in. Still frustrating.

However, I might know a fellow craps degenerate who has a casino host in Vegas, so there’s still a little hope.


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