November 11, 2009

[Healthy Lifestyle] 007. Walk across the USA (5048 mi)

Posted in healthy lifestyle at 7:54 am by Heather

When I started this journey, I originally planned on walking the miles associated with the American Discovery Trail – 5043 miles.  And then I realized I have issues with math, and was setting myself the rather unachievable goal of 5 miles / day of walking.   So I modified it based on some suggestions, and am now logging every 1000 steps as 1 mile; 1000 of my steps is about 2.5 miles, so I’m planning on going half the distance.

At this point I’ve walked 337,000 steps since September 1st.  It’s actually more than that, as I frustratingly forgot my Pedometer in Chicago during my trip to Dallas where I did a lot of walking, but que sera sera, I guess.   I’m still on pace for my goal as I have 7% of my steps done with 7% of the 1001 days elapsed, although with winter coming on, I am going to have to make some modifications in my routine so that I can keep that pace up.

My 337 miles has taken me from Cape Henlopen State Park, across Delaware into Maryland, to the Chesapeake Bay, over to Greenbelt Park and then through Georgetown in DC to Old Town, Maryland.  At this point, I’m 20 miles into West Virginia, and am heading towards Streby.


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