November 10, 2009

[Education/Learning] 014. Complete Level 3 of Rosetta stone in Spanish

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:23 am by Heather

I’ve always wanted to learn spanish, and in fact took half a semester in jr high, but took french in high school and was so scarred by my 5 year AP french teacher I wigged out and didn’t take any in college and now I have lost all my fluency in the language. I can read some, but I cannot speak it or put words together any longer – it took me 10 minutes to remember that the word for “cold” was “froid”.

So, I admit I saw the Rosetta Stone on another 101’ers list, and he had done some research and used the program before and was able to read a book or two in Spanish, and decided that I’d give it a try.

And so far, I like the program.  I’m still on level 1 of the 3 I’ve purchased, but I’ve gotten through one of the core lessons and am halfway through the second.  It’s really quite a good program in my opinion – it forces you to think while learning, and engages your “gaming” brain, so it doesn’t really seem like work.

In fact, at the end of Lesson 1 (about 2.5 hours worth of work), there was a “milestone” check which put me effectively inside a conversation – a character in a comic book if you will and forced me to think/act like you were having a conversation to test your language skills.

It’s really interesting, and I’m learning about the tenses and conjugation organically instead of through a classroom.


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