November 3, 2009

[Travel / Adventures] Field Museum – Real Pirates Exhibit

Posted in Travel & Adventures at 8:18 am by Heather

Field Museum boarded by pirates

The Field Museum has always been my least favorite Chicago Museum.  I am much more interested in science than anthropology which puts the MSI and Planetarium up there, and as I’ve mentioned before, I love Monet, so the Art Institute is not horrible. 

However, the exhibit at the Field Museum about the Real Pirates was intriguing.  When Highlife Adventures had an outing to go see the exhibit, I was on board.  Pictures weren’t allowed in the exhibit, so this entry is sparse on the visual evidence, but I did find a pirate to pose with me.

Arrr matey!The Real Pirates exhibit was put together by National Geographic, and it details the story of the pirate ship Whydah which started out as a slave ship and sunk off the coast of Cape Cod 2 years later.  I didn’t know until I got there that this exhibit was tracing just one ship throughout its lifetime, but it was pretty intriguing.  The exhibit did a good job of showing the scale and size of the ships and the track of Captain “Black” Sam Bellamy as he tried to gain enough fortune to marry his beloved.

My favorite part of the exhibit though, was the end, where they went over all the work NatGeo is doing to recover the ship which they finally found.  It’s science, you know, so of course it’s generally more intriguing.
Practicing for the ledge
After the exhibit and grabbing something to drink, a couple of us went through the Egypt exhibit, which was very neat – and I even got some practice in for my trip to the Sears Ledge later!

They also had quite a few people in white lab coats aiming lasers at Sue, which was interesting – turns out that the Museum and the Chicago Police Department are doing scans of the dinosaur.  Beats me why the CPD was involved with sponsoring it, though.

Full set of pictures are here.


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