October 9, 2009

[30 DAY HABITS] 083. Meditate daily

Posted in 30 Day Habits at 7:58 am by Heather

I was trying to do these 30 day challenges once a month, but last month’s got off kilter, and I’ve gotten started late this month on my next challenge.  That being said, I already know what NEXT month’s challenge is going to be (Hello November, can we say NaNoBloPo? The hard part will be deciding WHICH blog to post on for 30 days…)

In any case, this month’s goal is to mediate daily [not mediate as in negotiations, of course].  I used to do this much more regularly, as I started in 2005 with a meditation class at a good friend’s metaphysician (whom I’ve been going to ever since, and it’s wonderful).  However, with all my moves in the last years, I’ve gotten out of this habit, which is truly a shame.

My metaphysician, donna, made a meditation cd which has a 12 minute guided meditation.  12 minutes also happens to be the amount of commercials in a standard 1 hour TV show, hence the length – it’s something we all should be able to fit in our day.  I’ve ripped the meditations to mp3 and am currently on day 3 of 30 and WOW, have I missed this.  Meditating just makes me a little calmer, a little happier and a little more peaceful.


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