October 6, 2009

[30 day challenge] 076. Declutter house (15 min/day)

Posted in 30 Day Habits at 9:51 am by Heather

This challenge was actually a lot harder than I had expected, despite the visual progress I could see.

I managed to get up to 23 days, and then went to Ohio to visit Cedar point; it’s hard to declutter when you are out of town.  And when I got back, the next day I didn’t want to do anything at all.  And as we all know, once you skip the first class of college, it just gets easier to keep skipping.  And then I got the flu (or that’s what I think it might have been), and was not up for doing much of anything but sleeping and well, sleeping.

So I will try and finish off the remaining 5 days at least, but I’m not sure this has become a habit like intended when I wrote this up.  I’ve gotten through my office, my dining room, living room, and bedroom (minus the closet).  I’m really not sure why it got harder and harder to complete as I went on, but it did.  When things are clean, I have less of a reason/excuse to procrastinate.

I’ve still got the kitchen, bathroom and closet that can really use some decluttering, so we’ll focus on the first two for the remaining 5 days.  Maybe I’ll find Wrigley’s 30 ft training leash in the process.


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