October 4, 2009

[Healthy Lifestyle] – 006: Walk a 5k – Race for the Cure

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006: Walk a 5k – Race for the Cure

When I posted my list, this was one of the most popular activities that other folks wanted to do with me.  And based on the success of this, I am pretty sure that I’m going to want to do another 5k, although I’m still not into running.

I want to thank everyone who donated in any way they could – you astounded and amazed me with your generosity.  My original goal of $300 was obliterated within days, and I had to keep raising my goal thanks to all you wonderful people – I ended up raising over $1200!!  Thank you all SO much for your support!

Race day was the perfect day for a walk – not too cloudy, not too bright, and a perfect 65 degrees – perfect temperature for exercising in.  My team and I met at Caribou Coffee and then walked over to the start.  Liz and I had registered as runners, even though I had zero intention of running – but I wanted my RFID chip so I could get an actual time; thanks to Beth B, I knew that no one was going to care if I ran or walked the race, even if I signed up as a runner.

The 10k race went off first, and then the “real” 5k runners were let off.  Our little team of four decided to hustle in front of the walkers and we ended up in no-mans land, since we started about 2 min after the runners and about 2 min before the strollers.  Because Lara and Mark had conspicuous white walker bibs, we decided to run the first .1 – .2 miles – up hill.   Lara was awesome and walked with me, while Mark and Liz decided to keep running and it was really amazing to be the only people walking north on Michigan avenue with the traffic blocked off.

My hip was slightly sore thanks to walking up and down Schaumburg intersections the day before for Peanut Day, but the race went pretty well.  My goal was to finish the 5k in less than an hour – when I walk on the treadmill, I generally walk a 3.1 or 3.2 mph pace, so I knew an hour was a good goal to shoot for.  When we passed the third mile marker, we were right around 49 minutes with only .1 miles to go, so that was well below my goal!  In fact, the results posted showed I finished in 49:32.2 – Just under a 16 min mile (15:58/mi to be exact) and an average of 3.75 mph – not too shabby!  Plus, the views were awesome – we got to get a great view of the art institute and Buckingham fountain.

After the race, we went to the sponsor tents and got a bagel or bananas and picked up some swag.  There were some crazy dancers doing what ended up being aerobics.  JUST what I want to do after a race – aerobics!  Instead, we decided to head to grab brunch at Yolk, but seems as though every other runner had that idea, so it was off to brunch at a nearby hotel and then the blue line home, and a very long, much needed nap.


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  1. pokerpeaker said,

    Nice work, Heather.

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