September 23, 2009

[Travel / Adventures] Art Institute – Modern Art Wing

Posted in Travel & Adventures at 7:35 am by Heather

On Sept 5th, I went with the Highlife Adventures group to get a guided tour of the Art Institute’s new Modern wing.  I didn’t know that Modern really meant “anytime after 1900”, but I do now.  We mostly toured the paintings before 1950; I ended up walking through the photography and post 1950 exhibits by myself in the last hour the museum was open after the tour.

The tour guide was a curator, and he definitely knew his stuff, but he had a … curator’s way of talking, so sometimes it was hard to even hear him.  But I know a lot more about Matisse and Kandinsky than I knew before.

After the tour, I took the visitor’s guide “so you only have an hour” brief and saw the Monet room and the famous Seurat.  I could really just sit in the Monet room for HOURS, it is so peaceful and beautiful, and explains why he’s one of my favorite artists, ever, trite and cliche though that may seem.

This renoir photo to the left reminds me of a portrait my dad had made of my sister in an eerie kind of way, as well.

More photos available on flickr.


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