September 16, 2009

[30 day Challenge] Decluttering update

Posted in 30 Day Habits at 1:04 pm by Heather

I’m now halfway through my decluttering challenge, and I forgot to take pictures of everything for a “before” picture, but I did remember to do some for the living room.

So far, I’ve hit the Office, Dining Room, and am now working on the bedroom.

Oddly, while I am seeing a LOT of progress, it is a total bear to actually do the 15 minutes of decluttering per day – I have a lot of resistance to doing this, even though I know I a) need to do this, b) I’m making huge progress and c) it’s ONLY 15 minutes!!   I’m sure the psychiatrists can explain why I am internally rebelling and the only thing keeping me going at this point is the fact that I’ve got 15 days under my belt and only have 15 more to go, and if I miss a day, I have to start all over!

But here’s the state of my dining room:



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  1. rene said,

    The difference is amazing!

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