September 6, 2009

Week One Progress

Posted in 101 in 1001, progress at 6:22 pm by Heather

It’s been an interesting week here at Heather’s 101 land – I’ve made a lot of progress on some things, and have more in the works.

Here’s what I’ve knocked off the list this week:
– Went to Spring Restaurant
– Ordered the spanish Rosetta stone and have completed one course
– Installed Skype
– Called Claire
– Watched Sunshine Cleaning
– Took a Pilates class (exercise class I’ve never taken before)
– Went to the Art Institute
– Spent 15 min for the last 5 days decluttering my house

Individual blog posts will follow on each of these.

I am going to have to modify the Walk Across America item – I wasn’t really doing the math when I thought about this; to actually complete this goal, I have to walk over 5 miles a day.  Hoowee!   So instead, I will take one of the options listed, and every 1000 steps counts as 1 mile.  This makes this a much more realistic goal and still gets me walking more.

I also need to sit down and make a weekly checklist of things I need to get completed to make some of my daily/weekly/monthly goals.  I might do this in excel – not quite sure on that yet, but it’s hard to keep this “in plain sight” and focused on it.


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